As modern cars evolve into highly-sophisticated and internet-connected machines, it is incumbent on automotive companies to adopt cyber-protection measures in an effort to safeguard vehicles and passengers' lives, something no less important than the deployment of airbags or the use of ABS.

For the automotive industry to face the cyber-security challenge head-on, it needs to embrace a new approach, with products designed from the point of view of the automotive manufacturer, assuring the best fit for their needs. Only a supplier that ‘speaks’ the language of the automotive producers is able to deliver such a bespoke solution.


C2A has created a truly holistic approach to in-vehicle cyber-security. We empower OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers by providing solutions from the planning phase, through onboard embedded security, up to the ongoing management of the vehicle's security life cycle. This unique approach provides the automotive industry with a comprehensive, multi-layered solution for in-vehicle cyber-security protection.

Penetration prevention, securing devices with CAN bus access

IDPS safeguarding in-vehicle networks

In-vehicle end-to-end secured software diagnostics and maintenance solution

Embedded runtime protection, preventing malicious activity at ECU

Comprehensive in-vehicle cyber security management platform

All C2A’s products are production ready and available directly either from C2A Security or via a Tier 1 partnership.

In-Vehicle, End to End

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