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C2A cyber security products were designed from the automotive industry point of view. 
They are based on deep knowledge of the automotive industry and provide a comprehensive yet practical suite of solutions for shielding automotives from cyber attacks.

Industry Challenges

Several companies offer software and hardware solutions to protect vehicles from cyber attacks. Most of these solutions are originated from the IT world, and usually are not coherent with the automotive industry needs.

  • Seamlessly integrate security solution into vehicles with appropriate testing and adoption procedures

  • Deliver solutions with a minimal BOM

  • Protect vehicles when regular software downloads are virtually impossible

  • Maintain security without connected car functionality

  • Avoid risk and litigation

  • Zero False Positives, maintaining a positive user experience and avoiding potentially deadly scenarios

  • Minimize latency

  • Tailor solutions for specific vehicles to simplify integration

The C2A Approach

C2A offers a comprehensive suite of cyber security solutions, providing in-vehicle end-to-end protection. 

Each product is protecting a different layer inside the vehicle, securing various attack surfaces and scenarios. 

Our solutions were engineered from the ground-up with automotive manufacturers' needs in mind:
cost, time-to-market and integration complexity

  • Easy to integrate at the OEM or Tier 1 level as well as aftermarket

  • Minimal BOM

  • Zero false positives

  • Autosar compliant.

  • Both detection and prevention modes. 

  • Software does not require regular downloads with a very small footprint on one ECU.